The Wisdom of Our Heritage

When you are facing uncertainty or upheaval in your life, sometimes  the  traditions of your ancestors can provide comfort and reassurance.  Intergenerational  rituals  connect you solidly  to your foundation, like roots connect the tree into the soil that sustains it. I like to remember how my grandmother Giuseppina did certain things to make her life enjoyable. She would love to sit in her rocker by the window, for instance,  and watch the world go by. She did this every day at the same time.  Often she would comment about those who walked by on the sidewalk below. Someimes she would share her thoughts about life in general, sparked by something she would observe. I learned many lessons about life, just listening, by her side.

When you feel overwhelmed by too many tasks or too much uncertainty, its’ okay to just  sit it out for a while and let the world go by. Some of your best thoughts will come to you if you just give your mind the freedom to observe .


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