Lavoro as a balm for a broken heart

I  recently revisted a book I picked up the last time I was in Rome. The book is “Seduzione: L’arte di farsi amare” (Seduction: The Art of Making Someone Love You”). The author, Giacomo Daquino writes that work is fundamental to a person’s life, beyond the economic aspect. One of its benefits, he claims, is that work is good medicine to help ease the pain of a love lost.

How does this work?  In a number of ways.  H ave you ever noticed how nice it is to be distracted  you from your troubles by imersing yourself in the tasks at hand?  You may also feel a  sense of self-satisfaction when you see the fruits of your creativity, organizational skills, people skills, productivity, and potential. All of  that helps to build  self-esteem and provide at least temporary relief , which is exactly what we need when someone we care about walks out of our life. Or when we are on the mend from some kind of personal loss.

Let’s get (back) to work!


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