Little Things (Piccole Cose)

Life can go crazy sometimes. Did you ever have a day that overwhelms you? Task upon task, things that go wrong, getting onto a highway  on your way to a meeting only to have someone cut ahead of you and go so slow you can almost walk faster than you’re now able to drive? When I have one of those days, it takes only a little pocket of pleasure to set me back on track. A little piece of nice crusty (well-cooked) bread,a  drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, and if I have a nice quality balsamic vinegar I put a little puddle of that in the plate, too, and” fare la scarpetta”, which literally means “make a little shoe”, and mop it all up.  I make sure to be mindful of every bite, which keeps me from overdoing, but is just enough to put a smile back on my face and put distance between me and the everyday business of routine. What are your favorite pockets of pleasure? I heartily recommend that you pepper each and every day with a few of them.


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