Take Care of Your Spirit

  Marsilio Ficino was one of the first known astrologers. He was also a major Renaissance philosopher with no shortage of advice on love, health, and general musings about life. Ficino, in his book De Vita Triplici—three books about life–wrote about something that seems obvious to us on the surface, yet we are oblivious to it on an everyday basis.

He said that runners must take care of their legs, musicians their voice, craftsmen their tools, etc. Yet thinkers and scholars (and I will take the liberty of adding  all of us who claim to be creative ) often neglect the most important aspect of our creativity and intellectualism–our spirit!

According to Ficino, spirit is generated by the heat of the heart, flies to the brain and is then used by the soul to help us experience our internal and external senses.

It is important to observe and understand your spirit,and let the energy that fuels your passion soar. To me, that is the only way to make your truly unique mark on the world.

I hope you will tell your friends about this blog, and come back often to find insight and inspiration. Thank you for dropping by!


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