Lady or Volcano? How to Change Your Perspective for a Better Life


When foreigners look at the Aeolian islandof Stromboli, they see a threatening active volcano. Italians who live nearby, though, look beyond the island’s volcano to find the isola dei sentimenti, the island of feelings. They see a mythic woman in the moody dome of impenetrable rock, calmed and softened by the embrace of her lover, theTyrrhenian Sea. While shifting perspectives may not change what is on the outside, life’s hardships and obstacles can definitely be softened — even turned into learning opportunities — if we commit to a mental paradigm shift, a new way of seeing things. I have been thinking about how much better our lives would be if we shifted our thoughts from:

•           Fear to confidence

•           Defensiveness to tranquility

•           Worry to positive action

•           Narrow-mindedness to open-heartedness

•           Clinging tight to letting go

•           Junk food to freshly grown vegetables

•           Isolation to all-out socializing

Changing a thought takes less than a nanosecond, yet it can unlock obstacles to our personal development for a lifetime. A trip to Stromboli, anyone?


Let’s declare today the day you change perspective. Pass the word on about these beautiful blog posts and in doing so, you give the gift of hope and joy to someone’s day. mille grazie.


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