Do something to make yourself SMILE!

Once, I found myself in a long, sluggish line of increasingly disgruntled travelers at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport. As each person neared the smartly dressed, ever-so-slightly aloof (part of the feminine Italian allure) Alitalia attendee at the checkpoint, she would calmly listen to endless comments or complaints about how slow the wait was, how long the line was, or how they hated to leave the Eternal City of Amore. Non importa. Nothing that an oversized Louis Vuitton handbag couldn’t handle. From it, the attendee snatched a small glistening pot of mauve lip-gloss and smudged her lips with the delicious balm of self-care. Now, with lips moist and shiny and Louis Vuitton back in his compartment, the line continued to move just as fast, or as slow, as it did three minutes earlier. Taking a lip-gloss break didn’t affect the speed of the line, the takeoff of the plane, or even the appearance of the Pope on Wednesday mornings at the Vatican. It was simply one of those characteristic moments of pleasure so gracefully planted — and reaped — throughout a typical day in the Bel Paese. In the larger scheme of things, I suppose that doing one’s lips is uneventful, but the next client who passed through the gate did indeed get a fresh new smile.

The lip gloss break:is our reminder that in order to give to others, you need to first care for yourself. Do something to make yourself smile today—then share freely of your light.


Simple, uplifting ideas–with the zest of Italy. If you’d like to give someone a smile today, please forward them the link to this post  .   Don’t forget to tune in or stream in to my Monday morning radio show (at 7AM), “The Art of Living Well”. 88.7FM or   I welcome your comments on this blog page! mille grazie.


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