Even Difficult Relationships Build Your ” Bellezza Interiore” (Inner Beauty)

Diego Dalla Palma is an Italian image expert who believes in cherishing the gift that lies in even the most difficult relationships. The dedication of his book La Bellezza Interiore (Inner Beauty) reads as follows: “To those who have conquered the various territories of my heart: North, Central, and South of my heart.  To Anna, who didn’t show me she loved me like she said she did;  to Franco who nailed my soul but bettered my existence; and to Gabriele who never understood the real value of friendship. Because of their actions and thoughts, I was forced to grow and know myself even better.”

Dalla Palma learned to turn his greatest disappointment into his deepest wisdom.  He then moved on to become a master of his profession, finding strength born from his pain.

I don’t know what it is about him that drives me wild,” I overheard an Italian woman say to her friend while thumbing through Dalla Palma’s book in La Feltrinelli in Rome, “ There is an intensity to his words that grips my heart.

“It is his inner strength and confidence”, replied the woman’s friend. “There is a depth that develops when you pull yourself back up when life knocks you down.”

How wonderful if we could never have  relationships that disappoint us . The reality is, even those closest to our hearts can let us down, tear us down, or treat us with unexpected disregard.  But just like Dalla Palma, you can use these moments to learn more about yourself, to develop more confidence, to exercise both your forgiveness muscle and your capacity to “mollare” — let go and move on. When you regroup, you may even discover  that you can feel more compassionate, wiser and stronger.

Some relationships can and should be repaired if possible; others may seem like endless torture, and perhaps have come into your life to teach you something about yourself, and maybe even about learning to let go. Both , however, can play a part in your bellezza interior—your own inner beauty.


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