I misteri di Trapani

Every year on Good Friday (vernerdi” santo) the people of Trapani, Sicily  come together to take part in the procession of  “i misteri di trapani. Thousands of outsiders also come to witness the profound beauty of this holy event. Men shoulder a heavy display of statues, dedicated to the passion of Christ; women dress in black to express solidarity with the madonna addolorita (the grieving madonna who has just lost her son).  The atmosphere is a blend of sacred reverence, folklore, and the life affirming sensations of music, community closeness, and breaking bread. It is a reminder that there is something beyond ourselves, a force that unites all of us, a shared journey that we cannot make in isolation.

On this Good Friday, as  Italians observe the sacredness of human sorrow, loss, and spiritual renewal, let us all come together in  hope, joy, and peace.  One way to do this is to volunteer, or to participate in positive events in your community. Get to know others.  Initiate a group or event that can make a difference.  Buona pasqua.


If you find comfort and inspiration in my posts, please foward this link to everyone you care about. mile grazie.


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