Light up Your Life with Beauty

Wooster Park Cherry Blossoms

Italian Author Piero Ferrucci (author of Beauty and the Soul) writes : “Some say that beauty is an extra…I disagree…Beauty is not like a distant satellite, but like a sun that gives life and light to all areas of our life.”

I agree with Dr. Ferrucci. Spring especially brings out the healing power of aesthetic beauty that lightens a heavy heart , elevates the soul, and fills the mind with joyful feelings.  Natural beauty radiates positive energy, giving confidence to our being, and imparting an indescribable sense of wellbeing. The above is an (extra)ordinary Saturday afternoon scene in a small local park. It is New Haven’s Wooster Park, where soon the Cherry Blossom Festival is slated to be held this weekend. Once a year these magnificant pink blossomed trees line the little square and form a beautiful elaborate  frame around the patch of green that cushons the stroller’s feet. You have two choices: You can walk past this visual, preoccupied with what’s inside your head, or you can let your senses clear your head and fill your being with fragrance, birdsong,  and a kaleidescope of brilliant hues. How different do you think you would feel if you just switched your focus to the  natural “bellezza”all  around you?


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