Divertirsi, Drop Your Chores, and Just Go Have Fun!

The Girlfriends Hard at Play

The Girlfriends, Hard at Play!

Did you  know that having fun can be  good for your health ? Laughter and a joyful mood is like a soothing balm for the body and mind. At Yale, I teach cardiac study participants how positive emotions are good for the heart. At times we all get sucked into the busyness of our own routines, but every now and then we would be wise to stop and listen to that little voice inside of us that says “Basta! it is time to put things on hold, gather a couple of friends together, and just give way to a night of belly laughs , playful banter, and general debates on the meaning of life.”  Harmless fun is a good thing and when shared with friends you will feel renewed and refreshed long after the night draws to a close.

The Italian principle of “divertirsi” is about making sure you build some fun into your life. Why not send out an email today and make a plan to get together with YOUR favorite buddies? Leave your cares behind and just go have fun!


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