Italian Dance Remedy for the Blues.

Alessandra Belloni dancing the Tarantella!

When we are sad it is natural to want to curl up in a ball and stay that way, but as cognitive psychologists know, if you simply force yourself to get moving, then  your mood will begin to lift. Many doctors now recommend walking to lift mild depression. I have always believed in the joy of dance as a remedy for my  own personal blues. When faced with my most difficult challenges, I will either go out dancing, or put on some of my favorite Italian music and just dance wildly and frenzily until I find myself smiling, even laughing–certainly taking life less seriously. It is amazing to know we have the power within us to change how we feel. Our bodies can often be the vehicle that helps transform our mood from negative to positive. In my upcoming book “Lemons into Limoncello”, I write of the power of  dance–including traditional Southern Italian Dance, such as the Tarantella, to help my readers get through any loss they may be facing. Alessandra Belloni is the authority on using Southern Italian dance as a healing tool, and you can be sure to read about what she has to say on the topic when my book on getting through loss  is released next  year. In the mean time here are some tips to make dance jolt you back into an  emotional “happyscape”:

1. Gather 5 of your favorite songs, the livelier the better. For now steer clear of sad melodies, those you can save those for when you feel like reflecting. Dance freeform to these great songs, in the privacy of your home when no one is around. Dance crazy fast steps, and let the rythmn carry you away.

2. Locate a dance class or dance workshop that “speaks to you”, like the events that Alessandra Belloni gives on traditional Southern Italian Dance, or if ballroom is your thing, you can call your local ballroom studio and ask where practice dances are held in the area. Most of these start with a lesson and the rest of the evening is spent practicing that lesson.

3. Encourage yourself to get up and MOVE when you’re feeling down. You may not feel like it at first, but once you start it will feel good and you will feel like you have done something great to care for  mind and body.


Mille grazie, for stopping by to read my post today!


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