Surround Yourself with Your Personal History

A treasured photo of me and Zia Immacolata in the 70’s

Italians are not motivated by riches; rather, a few special possessions bring immense pleasure to our life. A friend of mine in Ostia might spend a week’s salary on an original painting and forgo the new shoes she had her eye on for months. Her home is filled with meaning. Like me, Anna still uses her grandmother’s  out-dated macchinetta (coffee maker), accents her sweaters with a broche her great-aunt once wore, and  displays a yellowed photograph of her parents wedding day as you walk through the front door—these artifacts tell the story of her personal history, so surrounding herself with them makes her feel grounded. They give her a clear reminder of who she is and where she came from. When my friend purchases something new it is  most always because it enhances the richness of her life, and compliments what she already has. Today, think about how to round up  YOUR precious artifacts—objects that tell of your personal history— and find ways to wear or display them.  When you shop for new items, make purchasing decisions based on how well they fit into your total life portrait. Avoid clutter, and the chaos of  hoarding. You don’t need quantity. MEANING is what gives you a sense of belonging.
I am putting together my 6-week summer teleclass for rebuilding your life after loss with the sweetness of Italy. Please email me if you’d like more information, and let me know what kind of loss or personal change you have recently gone through so I can tailor this series for YOU.   Looking forward to hearing from you!

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