Think of YOU as a “non finito” masterpiece-in-progress!

Michelangelo's "non finito"

The metaphor of the non finito, a technique that Michelangelo and many of his contemporaries used, is meant to convey how we are all masterpieces in progress; with infinite possibilities for self development and deeper beauty, inside and out. The non finito is a sculpture which is partially carved out, leaving the rest of the block of marble as is; thus as the figure emerges from the unfinished marble,  the breathtaking possibilities are limited only by your  imagination. Unveiling the best of what is inside us requires continuous personal enrichment, and reflection on who we really want to be.  Here are five ways to continue being the work of art in progress that you are:

1. Take a moment of reflection in the morning upon wakening and in the evening before going to sleep. What do you want your energy to feel like today?  Were you feeling joyful throughout the day?   If not,  what kept you from your happiness? How can I make it happen tomorrow?

2. Find ways to honor your body, so that it feels and looks like the masterpiece of God.   Perhaps you need to get out and get more sunshine, get back to eating foods that do your body good, donate the clothes that don’t flatter you and buy something that does.

3.  Read good personal development materials, books that inspire you, articles that give you a lift. Consider a life coach to help you clear away the distractions that keep you from living the life you really want to be living.

4. Choose to spend time with people who enrich you , encourage you, and support your journey. Life has enough sharp edges  without having constant exposure to those who gratuitously criticize or put you down .

5. Think of each day as your personal singular masterpiece.  Neither hang on to yesterday’s sorrows nor the fear of tomorrow. We have only the moment we are in right now  for sure. Make each moment one that beautifies your inner character and your outer appearance.

I thank you for taking this precious moment of YOUR masterpiece to read my words. Please comment below, and tell me how you intend to make this day YOUR life’s work of art.

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