Reconnect to your courage to “rischiare”

Pavarotti in Pagliacci

As the saying goes: L’Opera lirica è un posto dove un uomo viene pugnalato e, invece di morire, canta; Italian opera is the only place a man can be stabbed, and instead of dying, he sings. The moral is: Even when you are down and out, you must never give up! Going forward through tough times, when we seem defeated, requires stepping strongly out of our comfort zone and opening up to new experiences. Just like that. Decide to do something constructive that you may never have done before–and then do it. In Rome they say unless a mouse risks being seen when looking for food, it will starve to death anyway. As with all other apparent paradoxes of the culture, Italians balance their distinct conservative side with their need to rischiare, take a risk. This is evident from their great strides in science, the arts, technology, fashion, and most importantly, in love.  Taking a risk, rischiare, to seek new adventures is the energy that drives Italian genius and creativity. We must dig deep and reconnect with the courage we have inside of us to do the same, each and every day. The skill of wise risk-taking helps us grow in love, work, and play, because it is the only path that leads to the authenticity of the soul.


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