Build Your Life as a Rich Mosaic and Stave Off Despair

Roman Mosaic

At one time there was not a house in Rome whose inner hall was not covered by colorful stone mosaic. The enchantment of mosaic art enraptures our soul from close-up and afar. At short range the spectrum of colors, shapes, and materials leaves us breathless– the sparkling stone, the brilliant lapis, malachite, turquoise, mother-of-pearl, or colored glass. But as we step back we are equally beholden by the magic of the emergent image. Like a rich Italian life, the mosaic conveys a story of love, patience, and the harmonious coexistence among many unique pieces. Italians get their very first lesson about love at birth when they are cared for lovingly and dotingly by la famiglia, the family. However, the nuclear family is but a single colorful stone in a person’s mosaic of aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and even nearby compaesani, neighbors. Then, around the age puberty, as if hit right between the eyes by a meteorite, comes the unexpected fascination for the opposite sex.  From here on in relationships include new artful expressions as young hearts experience the birth of romantic love. Surrounding your life with a wide network of people helps you guard against despair when any one area of your life is not going well.


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