Serenity Brings Real Beauty To Your Face

Italian women know that negative emotions eventually show up on one’s face. Sophia Loren once said that boredom, complaints, and irritation, eventually turn into indelible lines and wrinkles. Instead, your serenity and good-natured spirit will make you attractive at any age. Sexy, too. You may not have time for extensive beauty routines, but never compromise when it comes to improving your mood when you’re feeling down or angry,  and doing things that will lift  your spirits and put a smile back on your face. And just in case you’d like some tips to go along with all that joy—here are a few things Sophia recommends in her book “Women and Beauty”

    •   Spritz your face with water throughout the day. It tones and refreshes the skin and helps to retain moisture.
    • After cleansing your face in the morning, fill the sink with cold water and ice cubes and plunge your face in to tighten the pores, wake you up, and make your eyes clear and bright.
    • If your eyes are puffy in the morning soak two cotton balls in milk and put one on each eye for ten minutes.
    • Refresh your skin with a cornmeal facial. Mix yellow cornmeal with a cleansing cream to make a paste, then massage this paste over your face. Rinse and follow with astringent.

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