Get out and PLAY!

Throwing a ball to reach a target is an idea that can be traced back to early Egyptain society. The ancient Romans used coconuts brought back from Africa as bocce balls. Even Galileo  sung the praises of this lively game as toning the body and rejuvenating  the spirit.

Play is important because it is where we draw our creativity and get to turn off life’s worries. Yet today’s adults–and even our children, no longer recognize the joy of simple playtime.  We don’t need complicated video games or tablet technology–just team excitement  in throwing a ball to see who gets closer to the pallina can make you feel brand new, no matter who wins or loses.

If you want to feel rejuvinated, grow younger, free  your sprit and make a habit of joy–put a little pointless  yet spirited fun in your life each day. Go on…. PLAY!


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