Turn Your Life’s Lemons into Limoncello

Every change–whether positive or not, whether self-imposed or not—brings with it sometimes bitter loss.  You are lose a familiar of your life and now stand before the unfamiliar road ahead. Vai piano, talk it calmly. Initially some find that it helps to process their transition with a therapist, good friend,  or by attend a support group. That is up to you.  At a certain point, however, it will also  be up to you to choose to rebuild a life you can love and enjoy. You do this by filling your life with small daily experiences  of happiness. Exposure to what makes you smile and feel good. Here are some simple ideas to kickstart serenity and refresh the soul on the heels of hard times:

-plant an herb garden (even if in a pot on your porch) and check its progress each day

-hang your laundry in the sun and watch it flap dry. Let it bring about a meditative state of joy.

-make yourself a simple dish of greens and beans.

-go to the beach, lie under a tree or umbrella (so you wont get burned) and watch the waves crash along shore.

-go for cup of coffee or tea with someone you haven’t seen for a while

-volunteer to read to someone who can’t.

–bake a cake, and bring it over to your neighbor.

You can think of a million more. Just do something every day, to turn your lemons into the zesty joy of being alive.


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