High Heels, La bella figura, and How to Find the Magic of Romance


Photo: Manolo Blahnik

I remember a time when I almost gravitated towards Dr. Scholl’s and Earth Shoes . Then I happened to see the bella figura in action and woke myself out of my “mom-stupor” (similar to mom-jeans syndrome). It happened in Italy. Picture a lovely signorina climbing a hilly cobblestone road one evening in the center of Amalfi. She struggled and wobbled on her way up, causing onlookers (mostly men) to stand  with baited breath and at the ready in case an emergency rescue would be in order.  In pursuit of a snack to carry back to my appartment, I ducked into the tiny grocery store, whose display of hot chili peppers was boldly labeled “viagra naturale” (which of course just added to the setting), and by the time the time I came out with my purchase, the high heeled signorina was now negotiating her descent,  her skinny high-heeled boots sinking into gaps between the stones. Pericoloso!  Now however, it was an altogether a different story.  And why wouldn’t it be, she was perched on the arms of two strong and molto handsome Italian volunteers. The signorina apparently knew something that psychologists have known for some time: adorning your body sends a powerful self-image of sensuality. When you feel attractive,  others will be drawn to your confidence. I say go for the heels, ladies. Don’t hate me for this, I only report what I observe 🙂  Of course if high heels are not your thing, you can also seek out other items of clothing that transform you; something that makes you feel pretty and feminine—a favorite sweater, pretty earrings, fishnet stockings. Dig out something you normally save for a special occasion. Wear it to the store, to the laundry mat, or to pick up your mail at the post office. Then watch heads turn for you as they did for the Amalfitana Signorina with the high-heeled boots. Relish how beautiful you feel!


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