Lessons of Wisdom from the People in Your Life

Marco Aurelio

Roman Emperor Marco Aurelio (121-180AD) was often referred to as the last of the “five good Emperors”. He was also a very wise Stoic Philosopher, whose writings have helped me when faced with a crisis. In Book One of his Meditations , he lists the lessons he learned from the important people in his life. From his father, for instance, he learned “modesty” and “manly character”. From his mother: “piety and benificence”, from his great-grandfather, the importance of having “good teachers.”When you are faced with a dilemna, instead of letting your mind dive down into a sea of confusion or panic, take out a sheet of paper, take a deep breath, and list the people in your network from whom you have learned important lessons that gave you strength of character. Ask yourself what they would have advised you, had you been able to present this issue to them. Write down the answers that come to you. They will help ground you and give you courage to make the decisions you are being called upon to make.

Even those who have given you the most unpleasant challenges, have ultimately given you an opportunity to learn something from those interactions. What have you learned from the important players in your life?  Please let me know, and I will share on a blog post (without your name, of course)! raeleenmautner@gmail.com


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