Dress Up to Feel Bellissima!

Hat by Marzi of Florence

How you present yourself to the world  (la bella figura) can affect  your self-esteem. You wouldn’t drape baggy sweatpants over your best piece of furniture, so why would you hang them on yourself? My grandmother Giuseppina was not a wealthy woman, but one luxury she always afforded herself was her custom-made hats. To her, a well-placed hat was the finishing touch on a woman’s beauty. I did not inherit her love for hats, but I did inherit her gusto for looking my best. A little primping and pampering is not only fun. It is also life-affirming.

Sweats were originally designed to wear in a gym, so if you are going there now, I give you my blessing. Otherwise, listen up: The way you look affects how you feel about yourself. It affects your mood. It affects how others treat you. A little self-respect goes a long way, here. If you adorn your body with something fantastic you can turn your whole day around. There are some great fashions out there, no matter what your size. Don’t deny your right to look great, just because you may not like your shape right now. Yes, work on getting and staying fit, but its not just about losing weight. It is about seeing the beauty inside of you right now, and every step of the way.

Research studies confirm the positive effect that looking good has on your psyche. I am not advocating that you obsess over your looks, but you should at least make yourself pleasing to your own eye. You are the one who counts. In the Bel Paese they say: Non è bello ciò che è bello, ma è bello ciò che piace. What is in itself beautiful is not beautiful; what is beautiful is what pleases you.   You will begin to like the way you look when you treat yourself like the beauty you are. Now take off those stretchy-pants if you’re done exercising and go put something on that makes you feel like a knockout!


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