How to Add Just a Touch of ” la moda italiana”

Courtesy: Fendi

All right I’ll admit it: For me, there is nothing quite like a D & G square leopard with sensual red border, or maybe an oblong silver and cream stripped silk Fendi. I’m referring, of course, to the Italian woman’s most indispensable accessory—the foulard–neck scarf. Whether knotted loosely over the shoulder, double-looped at the base of the throat, or threaded chicly under the collar like a man’s necktie—it’s all-good. The Italian allure has nothing to do with an obsession about losing an extra five pounds— instead it is about looking your best NOW—and that would include , if you can, a signature stilista neck scarf. Without the proper accessories, the rest of what we wear is simply…well, unremarkable.Social poise, self-dignity—yes they are both important, but you know how I feel about the importance of dressing and adorning your body in a way that signals to the world that you love YOU. That vibe is what will draw others to you, too.

When  I was growing up, I would delight in the personality transformation  that seemed  to come over my mother the moment she  drew the airy printed fabric of her foulard (scarf) from her  fine lingerie drawer, all perfumed by a special Violetta di Parma sachet, and floating through her fingers, as if wanting to frame her graceful neck on its own.  Even if under the weather that day, the colors of her foulard would brighten up her face, her spirits,  and put a little bit of a dance into her step. Ladies, trust me on this one: the neck scarf is a little bit of magic that can lift your mood better than a hot fudge sundae.

And for you guys who long for a bit of Italian soave for yourself, you might go for the  black pinstripe Armani two-button wool suit coat over a crisp open collared white dress shirt. Just add jeans and loafers (toss the shiny white sneakers aside, please) and you’ll never quite be the same. The Japanese apparently certainly caught on. A previous article in the International Herald Tribune, reported that Italian designer suits have produced a whole new gait among Japanese men, who now saunter confidently into clubs alla Belpaese, hands thrust in  pockets, head held high, hair combed back.

See what even a little bit  a bit of Italian fashion can do for you?


Thank you for stopping by my blog!  I hope to inspire and motivate my readers with perspectives on  the sweetness of Italy, and in addition to that, just some great self-help tips that you can apply to your everyday life. We are on this journey together and here to share our special gifts and talents with the world. Feel free to write to me with any questions or comments:


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