Words of Wisdom For Your Holiday Weekend!

Photo : Courtesy of Caffe Matteotti

Wise words for your holiday weekend: “Learn from the past, Look towards the future, but for this afternoon –REST!

This message may have come from Charles Schulz but was definitely channeled to me through Caffe’ Matteotti, a coffee bar with an edge,  in Forli, Italia.

Every once in a while, a piece of advice or a saying that comes into focus, speaks to me in a timely way.  This weekend as I “heel” my broken ankle, I  log onto my Facebook page and found the message above. Yes, I will definitely rest–as I write for YOU, my dear readers.

When you hear a “message”, in the form of a saying, a phrase from a neighbor, a passage your book opens to, pay heed and see how it applies to you. You would be surprise at how much wisdom comes across into your day. All you need to do  is be open and pay attention to signs.

A wonderful, “dolce fare niente” weekend to all!


Don’t forget to tune in or stream in live every Monday morning as I host “The Art of Living Well” on 88.7 or www.whnu.net . Great ideas on reaching your full potential, including an Italian self-help segment on each show. Become one of my listeners and feel the uplift!


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