Make YOUR Vacation a Restful One, too!



If you had the possibility of doing anything you want for this year’s vacation, what would you do? Well for Mark Zuckerberg and his new fiancé, Italy was the chosen destination for a honeymoon vacation that would be low key and brimming with understated beauty—from  contrasting landscape, to  antique architecture, to  simple foods that satisfy the senses. For someone wired to fast-paced technological complexity, the tranquil charm of the bel paese offered an unplugged haven for unwinding and sauntering through days of pure charm. What a great way to clear your mind and focus on what really matters!

No matter what you decide to do for your vacation—whether you decide go away or stay at home– remember this: vacation is meant for rest and renewal, not overstimulation and exhaustion. You can have a great vacation in your own back yard, on a hammock reading a book.  Or if you do go away, steer clear of over-the-top theme parks and busy tourist spots.  Gravitate to places where the natural aesthetic beauty will renew your spirit, and drain  your mind of your daily worries. You will find that what is really important in this life, will quickly come back into focus.


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