Find drama in the details of your everyday routine.

Brunelleschi’s duomo

15th century architect Filippo Brunelleschi who worked on his famous Duomo of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence for over sixteen years.  His design was revolutionary and is still considered one of the most brilliant solutions to suspending a massive heavy structure with bricks and mortar alone. Yet his day-to-day activities were repetitive, slow, and at times frustrating.Routines can be comforting and lead to gratifying payoffs, but Italians will not sacrifice passionate living for the security of the everyday tran tran, routine.  It is imperative to keep the necessary routine from turning into a boring rut. One way is to combine the familiar with new feeling for the details, just  like a certain contemporary ceramic artist I once met in Praiano.

Paolo Sandulli turned the medieval Torre a Mare Tower by the Sea into a personal art studio.  This is where he paints and sculpts his amazing caricatures of the villagers on a daily basis. Talk to him about his work and you would swear he’s gone mad. While describing his creations, his eyes seem to bulge and get glossy, his large teeth form a smile not unlike that of the Cheshire Cat, and he lowers his voice with reverence, as if revealing a private secret between him and you. As you watch him you are gripped with guilt if you have nothing in your own life that stirs you up this way. You know you should.

No matter what your daily routine is, I urge you today to see it in a fresh new way today. How? By pouring yourself into the details and imersing yourself into every second of what you do. Your time is a gift, so make it count. Find something about your day that you are passionate about and if you come up at a loss,  then you know it is time to change either what you do, or how you see things, from here on in. Do something each day that you love, and you will build a  life of unimaginable fulfillment and passion.


From anywhere in the world, you can join in on the perfect “Italian” makeover. Check out my LIVE TELECLASS and you’ll get some awesome ideas on how add more joy and passion to your life, too. You don’t have to be Italian to want to enjoy life more with some of the traditional Italian lifestyle habits that we all think about as the “dolce vita”. If you are of Italian heritage, then now is the time to reconnect to a lifestyle you may have forgotten. Give your life a makeover, or give the class as a gift to someone you care about. Can’t wait to meet you, at “class”!


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