Exert Yourself to Put Order in Your Universe


Roman Emperor Marco Aurelio acknowledged that when one is discouraged it seems far easier to stay in your pajamas and hide under the covers. But that is not the natural course of things, and certainly not what will pull you out of your doldrums.  In Book Five of his “Meditations” Aurelio asks “Dost thou not see the little plants, the little birds, the ants, the spiders, the bees, working together to put order in their universe?’

One very effective remedy for getting through adversity is to get up, get out, and do some work. When you pour yourself into your work (either mental or physical labor—but preferably the latter) you give yourself time to “distance” yourself from your worries.  Intentionally distancing yourself from your troubles  for specific periods of time –not the same at all as denial or repression—has been shown to be a healthy mechanism most often found in those who adjust more easily to tough times.

You might have to give yourself a little push to get going and get working—on something—whether it is planting a garden or mixing the dough for a fresh bowl of cavatelli—immersing yourself in productive work will help you put order in your universe, too, and your problems will definitely seem more manageable.




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