Nix Love at First Sight. Try Love at “Every” Sight.

Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss (di Antonio Canova)

Italy’s love expert, Dr. Francesco Alberoni in his book  Il Mistero Dell’ Innamoramento  compares love at first sight  (il colpo di fulmine) to animal imprinting, a behavior sometimes found in newborn creatures that follow whatever moves nearby. This is a survival instinct, a type of  dependency. We humans sometimes think we can fall in love in an instant. We are enraptured and taken by the person we fall for.  We become dependent on our need to be enraptured. We raise our love interest to great heights, and then come crashing down, when just a short time after our first encounter, we are no longer kissed by Cupid. Reality has hit and we are left wondering why.

Innamoramento, falling in love, explains Alberoni, real love, is a process, whereby you not only fall in love at first sight, but true love is falling deeper in love at every sight. You see something new and wonderful in your beloved every time you are with them. And the marvel comes at knowing they feel the same way about you, too.

Falling in love, and staying in love, is one of the greatest gifts of Life. Treasure it, cherish it, let it slowly unravel as you work out the kinks to become closer and more in love every single day. You will never find a project more worthwhile than this.


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