Roman Advice: Live Within Your Means And Do Things That You Love!

Roman Stoic Philosopher Seneca

The long-held italian philosophy of “accontentarsi”, making yourself happy with what you have and living within your means, is especially important now, when so many of us are facing tough economic times. The other side of the same coin is that you don’t just grit your teeth and tighten up the purse strings, you also find ways to enjoy your life with whatever you have! Parks are free–so are friends.  Gather a friend or to , have a picnic in a beautiful park, a great conversation, and you have a day well-lived.

Roman philosopher Seneca  in one of his epistles to his friend Lucilius, advised him: “Be a philosopher now, whether you have anything or not, – for if you have anything, how do you know that you have not too much already? – but if you have nothing, seek understanding first, before anything else. “But,” you say, “I shall lack the necessities of life.” In the first place, you cannot lack them; because nature demands but little, and the wise man suits his needs to nature. But if the utmost pinch of need arrives, he will quickly take leave of life and cease being a trouble to himself. If, however, his means of existence are meagre and scanty, he will make the best of them, without being anxious or worried about anything.”

Don’t wait to enjoy the days of your life. Start now, and make a celebration that costs nothing and is meant only to make you feel happy to be here.


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