Summon Your Coraggio (courage) to take the Right–Not the Easy Road

La costiera amalfitana

Every time I ride along the Amalfi Coast  I am both exhillarated by the beauty that surrounds me, yet  always  quite cognizant of how I am less than a foot away from a very steep cliff , while moving rather rapidly.  Sometimes the thought terrifies me. Yet, when I ask myself: Is this too dangerous? my answer does not take long.  No, no, e poi no. Why? It has to do with what I value for my life.  I need aesthetic beauty to fill my senses and recharge me. I need Italy’s energy, its majesty, its people, its culture. It is who I am. And I need it from up close, not from a safe distance.  I could certainly view the majestic golfo di salerno from a balcony, but my instinct drives me to go directly to it, and ask it to open its arms to me so that I can live it from the inside. Some things are worth the risk, but often we entrap ourselves in the safe zone.

Coraggio, is what helps us take the risks that support our inner values. The courage muscle, like anything else, strengthens with practice. Of course you need to get real clear on what really matters to you, first.

Diego Dalla Palma, in his book “La Bellezza Interiore“, writes of a love he once had in Sicily. When he realized that despite the love between them, it would be better for both of them to go their seperate ways, he had to look deep inside to summon the courage to ultimately end the relationship. “When you end a relationhip”, he notes, “there is no more hand to hold, no one who caresses your hair, no telephone ring that makes your heart skip a beat with excitement.”

Certo”, he writes, ” I am physically alone, but when I began to think about the situation, inside of me, I was not really alone.  I did what I know was the right thing–not the easiest thing–to do. I still had the strength of my principles to  accompany me–and that is no small achievement”.

I don’t advocate sensless risk–that is irresponsible. I do, however, think that once we get clear on what our real values are, we have no chioce but to let those values guide especially our most difficult decisions -that is what authenticity is. We need our coraggio most of all when the gulf waters get rough.  Rediscover yours–and use it to do the right thing. Always.


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