Become All You Were Meant to Be

Benvenuti in America

Freedom, hope, and the opportunity to go far beyond their expected Destiny. This is what they came for. This is what they risked their lives for. This is what many of their sons and daughters died for.  In their honor, we must always do our best to do them proud.  Remember to always keep hope in your heart. Always do the very best you can in whatever situation you are in. Always find the courage to take risks that are aligned with your values. Always remember where you came from and remember the sacrifices that were made so that you can be where you are.

HAPPY  4th to all of my wonderful US readers. For those of you who visit from afar, I  wish you a day of peace. love, and beauty. Thank you for stopping by!


Would love to hear about YOUR hopes and dreams. Do drop me a line :  or comment below.


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