Strisce Rosa–Parking Spaces to Honor “Famiglia”? Yes, and Here is Why

Strisce Rosa in Italy


There is a new movement springing up throughout Italy, initiated by the joint forces of Fiat and an organization called quimamme. It is really a statement about civility, manifested in the designation of certain parking spaces for pregnant mothers, and/or mothers with young children. Designed to make walking  into the supermarket, pre-school, pediatrician’s office, or other common young famiglia destinations safer and easier, the spaces are reserved with pink paint as either a stripe around the space, a filled in pink area, or a sign with an image of a pregnant mother and small child in hand. Of course, in a country whose parking spaces are already few and far between, not everyone, as you can imagine is for it. Yet the movement goes forward, because,  in the end, Italy’s values have historically centered around “famiglia”, and true values are forever.

How long has it been since you have taken stock of your guiding values, and then stood by them? I am referring to the  principles that should honor YOUR life and what you are about? If you haven’t taken the time to reflect on what  deeply motivates you (or what you wish your motivators to be), here is how to do it. Tonight, write down the 5 most important principles that you’d like your behaviors–and your life– to reflect. For instance, if one of your top values is “famiglia/family”, then think of ways to have more statisfying family relationships. Then put values into action. Can you throw a pot luck this weekend for extended family members? Pay a visit to an elderly relative for whom you baked some biscotti? You get the idea. As always, I would love to hear how this exercise turns out, for those brave enough to take the challenge.   Write to me!


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