Who is Looking at YOU Through the Eyes of Unconditional Love?

Photo Courtesy: Moschino


According to Italian contemporary philosopher Piero Ferrucci, author of  What we May Be,  “We should find out what shape our channels of communication are in if we want to see how easily love flows through them”.  Ferrucci  believes we should be more visually sensitive to our relational patterns, much as we are to light waves . Then we would be able to see the people we interact with more clearly, and in a different way. Some of them might give off an energy that makes them seem more like sea urchins covered with quills. Some might have obvious warm hands that fill you up when they take hold of yours; other people, may appear like onions that have cold layers covering them up.

What are the people that you regularly interact with really like? And more important, what are you learning from each of the players in your life’s story?

Being observant about the energy of our interactions with others  beyond just the conversations, helps us to understand the real energy exchange that is going on.  I love it when I am delightfully surprised to find that someone is looking back at  me through the  same eyes of unconditional love with which I look at them.


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