Be Edgy. Update Your Look and Express What’s Inside

Franco Moschino was one of my favorite designers. I love how he went from the traditional to the cutting edge, and thumbed his nose at criticism. His styles are unmistakeable. So should yours be.

Are you stuck in a fashion rut,  wearing cookie-cutter fashions you find on TV shopping chanels? Let today be the time you break out routine,  and be on the outside who you long to feel like on the inside. Your look doesn’t have to come at designer prices , either. Great second hand shops spring up all the time, and the bargains are unbeatable for clothing that looks brand new.  You can purchase  few entirely new outfits for your closet, or just some add-on pieces to give you that unique edge–a great long scarf that you wrap haphazardly around your shoulders; a bodacious pair of dangling earrings that blast sparkle clear across the room; a pair of shoes that are so unusual you turn heads when you walk down the street.

Edgy yes. Tattered, no. Make sure the shoes are polished and the clothing pressed. Guys, don’t save the suit for holidays–wear it with an open necked shirt that you leave untucked at the waist and some Italian leather shoes sans the socks. Or use the long neckscarf wrapped around your neck and woven  under your suit jacket lapels.

Edgy. Just a bit out of the norm. Slightly at fashion risk. And cool way beyond cool. Forget match-y; go for the double-take. Pieces that don’t normally fit together, may just look amazing on YOU.

So don’t keep boxed in to the look of your yesterday. Keep evolving, and let your clothing show the ever dynamic rebel in you.




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