Getting Through a Loss in Your Life

Toss out the old

Rituals serve the purpose of helping us to wrap our head around important changes or transitions in our lives.  On New Year’s Eve, for instance, in parts of Italy  the tradition is to throw things out the window–old pots, pans, clothing–even sometimes furniture—as a symbolic way of throwing out all of the bad in the old year, and making room for all of the good in the new year to come.

When you are going through loss, although of course you want to retain the good memories, you also need to resolve –when you are ready—to let go of the pain, the heartache, and living in that space of sadness. Rituals are designed for that purpose. They help you to mentally and emotionally “break free”, and clearly mark a fresh new beginning.

You don’t have to throw anything out of your window to take advantage of this Italian New Year’s Eve tradition, any time of the year.  If you have been down about a major loss in your life and are ready to open up to a brand new chapter, then what about simply tossing a few things you don’t need or use anymore (or giving them away if they are still good) TODAY, and making room (in your mind and heart) for all of the good things that life still has in store for you?
Show Life your vote of confidence right now. Be confident in YOU and your ability to go forward and keep going in a direction that honors joy.  Believe in all of the wonders still coming your way. Make room for them, and they will come your way.

Good Riddance to the pain our past!


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