Semplicita’: Live Simply, Be Happy

Courtesy: Trattoria Pesce Pasta (Loved it!)

Last evening I was seated at a “holding table” in a fancy restaurant (which shall remain nameless) in the city, waiting for a seat to free itself in the main part of the restaurant.Glitz and glamor encircled me, from the gilded stilettos of the female patrons to the glimmering  cascades that  came pouring down from the celing. The bass on the stereo system was turned up to a defeaning vibrato and  diners were shouting over the sound to hear themselves talk.  Suddently I felt overwhelmed by the bombardment of stimuli. I had to walk…and just kept walking. My explorative passeggiata  led me to  a quaint and lovely  pathway through the village, and eventually to an unassuming –and might I add authentic–trattoria on Bleeker Street (Trattoria Pesce Pasta) , posting a host of Zagat ratings  in its window. When one door closes… It was very much like the kind of trattoria I always seek out when I am in Italy: Little tables covered in crisp white linens, squeaky-clean wine glasses waiting to be filled, family-style welcoming from the staff and owner, interesting looking patrons leaning in towards each other  engaged in philosophical conversation.

Quiet simplicity can be the the most life affirming experience of all.  Who needs a constant bombardment of lights flashing, noise blasting, animation going nowhere?  Sometimes all we need to recharge  is the opportunity to kick back and enjoy  the peace and quiet of little simple joys.   My preference last night: “Spaghetti aglio ed olio, del vino bianco un ‘insalata di ruchetta, un po’ di pane e un bel caffe’ alla fine.” Spaghetti with oil and garlic, some white wine, arugula salad, a bit of crusty bread and a great espresso to top it off.  What could be better? A simple yet amazing meal, in an atmosphere that elevated the soul. I felt my stress levels plummeting  and my creative juices flowing as I leisurely soaked in the quiet celebration of semplicita’.

What will YOU do this week to tune down the “noise” that pollutes your space of  inner peace and distracts you from living the simple , sure-footed path in life?

Let me know, I’d love to hear from you!


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