“I sing because I can’t dance”

Massimo Ranieri

Massimo Ranieri is one of the most loved and admired contemporary Italian singers in the world today. From  a young age, I  couldn’t help but be gripped by songs like “erba di casa mia”, “surdato innamorato”, o rose rosse per te”. His voice is powerful, slightly unpolished, and so real you feel he is in the room with you and you alone. He will touch you with the emotion in his notes, vocals sometimes cracking just a bit, wooing our hearts at certain times  with his neapolitan dialect. He might never have shared this gift with the world had it not been for friends who dared him as a boy, and told him if he didnt’ sing right there in front of everyone, they would throw him into the water. So he sang. “I sang”, he said, “because I coudn’t swim. ” (This is also by the way, the name of his latest album–Canto perche’ non so nuotare) He sang in front of restaurants and in front of people who increasingly couldn’t get enough. We still cannot get enough of the singer whose fame  came as a result of turning a mild adversity into the courage he needed to do what he was meant to do in this life..

What are you meant to do in this life that you feel you have not done yet? What talents do you have that the world is still waiting to enjoy? It shouldn’t take other people’s dares, to bring out our gifts. We should be regularly challenging ourselves to keep growing , stretching our creativity to the max, and breaking out of what we do day in and day out, in order to explore a new interest or talent.  Have you always wanted to paint?  Write? Sing? Ballroom dance? Teach? Start a business?  Use adversity to fuel your next important chapter. Dare to plot out your goals with courage and passion. Then follow them to break free of the chains of mediocrity and stagnation.

By the way, I write, because I would have made a lousy lawyer:-)




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