Be blissful, as if No One is Watching


One morning, my nonno and I were staying with realatives in Calabria, we woke up nd realized there was no one else in the house but us. Where could everyone have gone? We got ready for the day and went out in search of our loved ones. There was music in the distance, and the sound of a small crowd growing larger. We followed our ears to the local church and discoverd the sacred feast in honor of the town’s patron, San Ruocco, had begun.  We wen inside where a Mass was just ending, then lo and behold,  our relatives, came marching down the aisle,carrying a statue, and upon reaching the outdoor steps. picked up  instruments, andwith focused passion that would be interrupted by nothing, began marching. playing, praying. They appeared to have lost themselves in the beauty of the moment. Miles away from the troubles of everyday realities, they so were deeply immersed in their passion they didn’t care if they were on tune or off tune, if they little hats looked silly or not, if  nonno and I had woken up in time for the festa or not. That is exactly what following your bliss should look like.

When is the last time you immersed yourself so deeply into what you are passionate about, that no person or thing could tempt you to distraction? When is the last time you even thought about the activities that stoke your inner fire and deliver you to the doorstep of bliss? Perhaps you are so busy attending to the day-to – day routine that you don’t even make time for what you used to love to do.

In reality, there is no time but NOW. Pick up that paint brush and PAINT. Seat yourself at the piano and PLAY. Go to a baseball game and CHEER LIKE YOU MEAN IT. Don’t let doubts of imperfection, or the judgmental eye of others stand in your way.  We miss a lot when we neglect the activities that make us  feel blissful.  Make this committment to yourself.  In your most joyful activities lies the key to who you really are.

Have apassion that YOU”d like to get back to with full abandon? Write to me and let me know!  Or I invite you to comment below. Would love to hear from you!


Coming next spring: my new book “Lemons into Limoncello”. I am so excited to bring you my special brand of  Italy-inspired self-help ideas for not only getting through your difficulties, but coming out on the other side with an even deeper joy for life.  Join me also, for my Lemons-into Limoncello Resilience Retreat in Italy. It will be life-changing.


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