Do a good deed, then just move on to the next one


The other day, as I was about to enter a door with my hands full, the person who was walking just steps  in front of me, let the door flap closed in my face. I thought of how easy it would have been for her to simply hold it open for me, or at least hold it, until I was able to free a hand up to take it. That one rude act made me think of ways in which I could be proactive about making life easier for the people I come in contact with on a daily basis. Good deeds do not have to be grand and ceremonious, in fact, even the simplest kind gestures, without fanfare–like turning around when you walk through a door to see if someone is behind you, can bring light to someone else’s whole day.

Marco Aurelio wrote:

One man, when he has done a service to another, is ready to set it down to his account as a favor conferred. Another is not ready to do this, but still in his own mind  he thinks of the man as his debtor, and he knows what he has done. A third in a manner does not even knoww what he has done, but he is like a vine which has produced grapes, and seeks for nothing more after it has once produced its proper fruit. As a horse when he has run, a dog when he has tracked the game, a bee when it has made the honey, so a man when he has done a good act, does not call out for othrs to come and see, bt he goes on to another act, as a vine goes on to produce again the grapes in season. (from the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius).

When was the last time you did something nice  for someone else , without any expectation of acknowledgement? Try doing something thoughtful today, that makes life just a bit more pleasant for a co-worker, a friend, or someone you notice who is going through tough times. Don’t wait for praise or thank-you’s; just move on and wait for the next opportunity to do a good deed. Your life will become richer and you will start to feel great about the person you are.  Let your life beome a series of simple good deeds, and you will have made the greatest contribution of all to this world.


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