Every now and then a gorgeous, unique wardrobe piece

Ferragamo Boot

You don’t have to have a million dollars to look like you do. The other night when I was making a presentation, some of the people in the audience began to comment on how much they loved my fashion sense. I hadn’t expected that, as there are far more fashion mavens out and about, who really do mean business. I am, however a believer in the power of looking better to feel better. To that end, this is how I structure my wardrobe.

Not ever piece I buy is expensive, but I certainly don’t opt for quantity above quality. Every once in a while, I will buy an “investment piece”, like the beautiful hand made gown I purchased in a dress boutique in Positano, along the Amalfi Coast. Positano is known for its unique and extraordinary dress boutiques. These pieces are an “investment” because they are expensive, but on the other hand, they can be worn for years to come. I have worn my Positano celery green gown with the deep purple brocade at almost every important occasion I have been invited to. I never cease to get compliments. So for me, that was well worth the pricetag.

On a more everyday basis, I shop boutique sales. I, like you, don’t want to see my clothes on everyone else. I have worn Catholic school uniforms for twelve  years, and I am all about individuality now. Enter the boutique. I can’t always afford boutique prices, however, so I go for the sales. I have some really great shoes, bags, and clothes that I have purchased this way, and depending how I put my pieces together, I can wear them a number of different ways, and always look like I have on a new outfit.

Also, you can save money on pieces that don’t count as much.  A basic black or white turtleneck doesnt’ need to cost 100 dollars! Night wear, underwear, etc, can also be purchased in low or moderately priced stores. It is all about balance, value, and individuality.

Find your own style, have fun, and remember that what you wear and how it makes you feel, will have a strong effect on your mood, your attitude, and how other people relate to you.

La moda, quindi,  e’ importantissima..Fashion, therefore, is very important! Use it to lift your spirits, and have fun with your life.


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