How a Piano Changed My Day













Last week, I had just finished a meeting and was on the way back to another building, where my office is. Admittedly, I got bored with going the same old way, and decided to walk through a few buildings  that I had never been through before. Beyond a closed door in one of the buildings came the extraordinary sound of live piano music. I recognized the piece, as one I used to play myself, years ago: Beethoven’s Pathetique. It was so compellingly executed that I stood frozen, outside the door, just for the privilege of listening. Before long a woman who worked in that building, opened the door to walk through it, and I followed in her footsteps. It was a student, alone in a large atrium, practicing the piano with such ferver ,that he didnt’ notice either the woman or myself. Suddenly it was not so important that I race back to my office. For my own well-being, I paused, silent, still, and absorbed, for the most delicious ten minutes of the day. The music transported me by its beauty and by its familiarity.

When was the last time you paused to appreciate something unexpectedly beautiful in your day? When was the last time you even noticed the pockets of beauty that appear when you are just going about your routine?

That ten minue breather, turned the rest of my day around. I returned to my office with a smile, and was more productive than ever, as if I had been infused with a burst of energy and a new blood supply.  Savoring each moment is what truly makes a life worth living.

For the next ten days, I urge you to make apoint  of noticing and enjoying the pockets of beauty that pop up unexpectedly in the course of your day. I guarantee, you will find more and more of these little droplets of joy each day, if you give them heed.

Do comment below and let me know how this simple appreciation exercise changes YOU.


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