The Day My Fingernails Sent Me A Message

One day I was walking around in a dress I really liked, accessories coordinated and in general I felt pretty good when I happened to catch  a glimpse in the mirror. Yet in an off moment, I looked down at my fingernails and noticed that my polish had been worn and chipped at the edges for heaven knows how long. It struck me in a sad way.  Such a small detail that you might slough off as superficial. Yet it was not. What it reflected was how hurried I had been lately in trying to meet all kinds of deadlines and fulfilling obligations that were expected of me. Nail pampering takes time, and the state of my fingernails that day was a stark reminder that I had not been taking the time  I needed for ME: time to primp a little in the true bella figura spirit, time to boost my inner mood by adorning my god-given temple (it does make a difference), time to affirm that I am important enough to nurture from the inside out and the outside in.

And so on that day, I made a decision to make the most important foundation of my life a priority–good self care. The actual fingernails were secondary, but what that moment represented  started a whole chain reaction that included cooking more for myself, getting more physical activity, making room for more fun with friends and family. I not only re-polished my fingernails that day—I polished up the important details of my life again.

What parts of your life have YOU been neglecting?  Get back to what is really important. You will do your most brilliant work for others when you first lay the foundation for good self-care.


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