An Unlikely Holiday Nutritional Boost

Growing up,  at holiday time, our home was always filled with the sweet aroma of my mother’s Italian Christmas cookies baking in the oven (non ti preoccupare, I will post recipes in the coming weeks). The food at holiday meals was always beyond scrumptious , the desserts heavenly. Yet by the end of the hoilday season, you couldn’t help but notice a hint of physical or mental depletion. Overeating perhaps…or the end of a happy hustle and bustle of endless company, yearly events that become special and are to be celebrated to the max, the sadness of those no longer with us, the stress of ancillary tasks related to the season.

My own solution  to holiday–or ANYday blahs–would eventually come in the form of  a high-powered blender, into which I could liquify various fruits and vegetables, tweak the recipe for my specific needs that day (eg mushroom extract for immune system, sunflower seeds for zinc,  Vitamin D3 to make up for the lack of sunlight of  New England winters, etc), and drink it once a day. I found this is a great way to get my greens (Kale, spinach, parsley, broccoli, arugula, etc–(check with your DR if you are on blood thinners), to get my raw portion of veggies (NOTE: you should also consume some cooked), and to get the fiber in these powerhouse foods, that most juicers strip away.

Several brands do the job quite nicely. I use a Vitamix, and have found it to be a durable , reliable investment. With the latest news coming out about the real risks of “energy” drinks, I can tell you that a blended fruit and veggie drink–one per day—will give you all the energy you can use, in a natural way. There are so many ways you can put these drinks together, to make them taste delicious and give you the nutrients to prevent mental and physical burnout throughout the holidays, and ideally, throughout the year as well.

I take a blended drink on most days. It is fun to experiment with different combinations, like the one I made this morning

Raeleen’s Friday Morning  Green  Raw Boost:

(Note there are no specific measurements–everything to personal taste)

–2 stalks broccoli

–handful Kale

–a few sprigs parsely

-handful of arubula

–green apple

–bunch of sweet red grapes

–1 majool date (pitted)

–tablespoon flaxseet

–teaspoon of sunflower seeds

–one dropperful of seaweed tincture (the benefits of seaweed mentioned in many publications)

–filtered or spring water to desired consistency.

Put everything in and blend for about 1.5 minutes.  When I drink this , I can almost feel it perking up every cell. No commercial, dangerous energy drinks here.

Best of all,  I definitely don’t feel so guilty when the struffoli tray appears 🙂



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