Get Passionate About Your Life by Closing the Gaps!

Copyright 2012 Raeleen Mautner, Ph.D.


I have always been naturally happy about life and passionate about living. Yet, when I notice that I am feeling a bit off, or have just a touch of feeling down, it is usually because I haven’t been paying attention to closing the gaps–the IMPORTANT gaps–in certain areas of my life. What is most important to me, is to be in balance when it comes to my work, my relationships, my creative side, and my health. Ideally, I want no less than vibrancy in each of these areas, because that is what makes life worth living for me. However, when the distance between the  “ideal” (defined as what I want to see happening) and the “real” (what is currently happening), is too great, I get a subtle reminder by  my “dragging” mood. Something is not right, and I need to spend time on it, to turn the situation back around.

Here is what I do. I turn to my Real-Ideal Gap Sheet (Like the one I have illustrated for you above) and write in the words to describe my real and ideal states in each of those areas. Then, along the sides, I list the steps that I need to take to narrow and eventually close the gap, so that life becomes what I want it to be, despite the detours.

Enjoy this self-help tip, and celebrate your existence! I know that I am grateful for YOU, my Dear Readers. Thank you for your appreciation of what I do.

Thanksgiving blessings to you and yours.



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