Turn Black Friday into Self-Renewal Friday

Some of you might enjoy the chaos and the savings that come with Black Friday Shopping. Not me. Everything in nature–including human beings–functions best when in balance. Homeostasis is the state of optimal functioning, the state of equilibrium. When we get over stressed, our sympathetic nervous system revs up our organs and senses to defend ourselves, but often the parasympathetic nervous system (which is supposed to calm us back down to “normality”), needs a little help. Meditation, quietude, reflection, affirmations, walks in the sun–all of these things serve to bring us back down to a state of calm.  In a calm state, we can get a much better idea of who we are and where we want to be going.

We are all born with certain talents, gifts, and unique dreams. Your journey is not about deciding who you want to be, it is about discovering who you are already programmed to be. You can’t do that, if you are in constant state of frenzy, exhaustion, or depletion.  Balance is a mind body proposition, and it starts with going in the opposite direction, when you are at the extreme.

Thanksgiving is a day of wonderful festivity for most, but it also comes with a lot of work–the preparation, the clean up , the reorganization that comes with a large get-together.  On the day that follows,  it is important to pull back, go inward, reflect, rest, do nothing–whatever it is that brings YOU back to equilibrium, balance.  When you are stressed, you meditate, when you have eaten too much , you eat less, when you grieve for someone you find things about your life that still make it worth living. Getting back to a balanced state is healthy and wise,.  No sale in the world could convince me to spend the day after Thanksgiving bucking crowds under hot fluorescent lighting and blaring holiday elevator music. For me, this is a day to get back to balance, through rest and renewal.

Take a look at different areas of your life where you feel out of control because you are at the extreme. Are you doing too many favors for people leaving little time for your own family? Have you been spending too much on going out to dinner? Have you been spending way too much time alone, to the point where your friends don’t call and invite you out anymore?  Once you have identified where you need to counter balance, go in the opposite direction, until you are at your optimal “homeostasis”, physically, and psychologically.

On this Black Friday, through this self-help tip, I wish you RENEWAL.


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