Create Moments of Solace to RE-Energize the Soul


Certain vitamins must be consumed throughout the day to get maximum benefits. In other words, if we took them all at once in the morning, by afternoon our system would be once again depleated. Rarely do we think of quietude as a necessary re-energizer that should be repeated throughout the day. And yet, as with vitamins, we benefit most from several mini- moments of breaking away from the day’s chaos. Just taking a few deep breaths before returning to do our work keeps us on an even keel, and steadis our emotional reserves. It only takes 5 minutes to restore our minds to clarity. Stepping into a dim church in the middle of the day for a few minutes of meditation, or a quiet museum or library, can make you feel like a brand new person when you step back out. Alternately you can take a lazy stroll around the block in the sun while you clear your thoughts, your worries, and the  busy-ness of your day’s routine.

If you want to see if solitude breaks can make a difference in your mood, try this: Several times a day, make an effort to filter out negativity and anything that is causing you to feel angry, frustrated, or sad.  During your brief  solace breaks , imagine a large eraser that wipes the troubled chalk board of worrisome thoughts clean again.

Renew your spirits with regular solace intervals. You will be more effective and even happier when you get back  to your day!

Do solace breaks work for you? Do share your story…


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