5 Little Ways to Get Happy This Week!

IL tricolore

I have always believed that waiting for “un domani” (one day in the future) to be happy, only keeps on stuck in a mindset of lack. It is TODAY, not TOMORROW that needs our attention more than ever, when it comes to filling your life with happiness. There are so many things in a single day that make us smile, laugh, or feel a sense of wellbeing, but often we just let them fly by us because we are focused on something in the nebulous future, that we MUST have happen before we will allow ourselves to admit we are enjoying ourselves right here and now.

So here are ten little things (piccole cose) that make me smile and feel as if life is a celebration. I DEFINITELY want YOU to add to my list, in the comment section below. Yes, let’s start a cycle of piccole-grandi cose, little things that are really great things, and give them the acknowledgement they deserve!

1. Eat simple and clean: ” Il tricolore“–no not the flag itself, but the colors of freshness in the right red, white and green ingredients, such as garlic, tomatoes, basil , and fresh mozzarella cheese. I can actually make a meal out of these ingredients and crusty loaf of well-cooked bread, a drizzle of olive oil–and I feel like a princess.

2.  Primp a bit more to feel confident.  The feeling of the bella figura lasts the whole day through when I”ve paid attention to the details–nice polished nails, the right amount of makeup, a carefully chosen outfit, a great fragrance…

3. Experience Live Entertainment. Let’s face it; TV may be relaxing but there is nothing like going to a live event–a play, an opera, a musical concert. Get out there and make yourself think, reflect, and experience!

4. Do something that INSPIRES you. Read a great book, have a conversation with someone you consider to be wise, immerse yourself in poetry or re-read a classic that you once read when you were too young to really get into it.

5. Be the person you want to be right now. Dont’ wait for tomorrow to change what you want to have evolve about yourself. If you want your life to be positive, then make it be so TODAY. Find the good in every day and talk about it, marvel about it, celebrate it.


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