5 Reasons to Care for Le mani (Your Hands) and 3 Ways to Transform Them Fast

Le mani    In Italy, the use of hand gestures can be traced back to the Roman orators who enhanced their presentations and made their messages more compelling through the expressive use of their hands. Italians of different regions, speaking different dialects not always understandable to each other, often used hand gestures to break the communication barrier. In addition to public speakers, hands were the vehicle for the words of great Renaissance artists, musicians, and architects.

One day, as I sat at my desk, busily conducting my work-related tasks, I looked down at my hands and realized that something had to change. The polish was half -chipped off, I had hangnails that were close to bleeding, calouses from the strings of my guitar, and the backs of my hands were as dry and flakey as chalk. I had momentarily forgotten that my ABILITY to do both what I love and what I have to do , depends  directly on a body and mind that function as they should. Including my hands.  That was it.  It was time to time to care for my hands as a “gesture” of gratitude for all they do for me.

Afterall, our hands help us to:

1. Communicate

2. Earn a living

3. Help others

4. Care for ourselves.

5. Cook our way to good health

If you agree that your hands deserve a bit more attention than you have been giving them lately, here are three great tips that don’t take a lot of extra time, but can make a world of difference in how you feel from here on in when you look down at your hands.

1. Rub some extra virgin olive oil, first into your cuticles each day, and then into your fingers and backs of your hands.  I keep a bottle of olive oil in my bathroom, to use exclusively for grooming (hair, face, hands, body)

2. Put a ring or two on each day. Think of this as crowning your hands and giving them a place of royalty in your life, in appreciation for what they do for you.

3. Make sure , that if you wear polish, that you keep it fresh, unchipped, and varied . You don’t have to spend a lot of money for great nails. You can buy several colors of inexpensive polish and have fun with it at home.

Viva le mani.  Long live our hands!




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