The Transition to Primavera (Springtime)

Primavera     It only looks like rubble, but if you look closely there is something wonderfully miraculous sprouting up, if you are willing to change your focus. Dopo  l’inverno c’e’ la primavera..after the winter comes the spring. The blooming of the crocuses are the first sign that we can take a long deep breath and let the rubble of our difficulties go, as we move forward into a fragrant, colorful, happier time of sunshine, natural perfume, and smiling faces all around.  Take note, that this is a cycle. It will not stay like this forever, but neither will the dead winters of our lives. There is ALWAYS a crocus courageously pushing its way through, but we must remember this, so that we never give up. The memory of la primavera will build our resilience and help us to resist despair, in even our darkest hour.

Let Easter be not just a day, but a season in your life, that serves as a reminder of the hope and certainty of a GOOD LIFE, that will always resurface between the rough spots.

 I am so looking forward to the release of my book “Lemons into Limoncello: From Loss to Personal Renaissance with the Zest of Italy ” (HCI Books) on May 7th.  My wish is that it will help you through your darkest hours, and reconnect you to a vibrant life of well-being and fulfillment.

Buona Pasqua (Happy EAster)!


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