Even the Pope Dresses to the Nines


Stefano Gammarelli is the ecclesiastical tailor to the Pope. You can be sure that a lot of thought goes in to each fabric and detail that ends up cloaking the most dignified figurehead of the Catholic Church. Tradition requires that the Pope look special and elegant when he presents himself to the public.  Why? Because clothing can represent a certain role, a certain vision, and it can inspire confidence in others as well as in the wearer.

I am all about tradition as a way to stay grounded, confident, and keeping ancestral memory alive as a vehicle for remembering the potential inside of each one of us. Dressing up special at least one day a week has been a religious as well as a family tradition for most of us. Yet, in recent times it seems that every day just blends into the next without fanfare.

In Italy today, even those who work in the remote fields and villages put on their Sunday best one day a week when they go to church, and later break bread with friends and neighbors.  The act of dressing in our best clothing set Sunday apart from the work week and gave a special respect to the holiness of the day.  Sunday dressing served to remind us of the dignified side of human nature.  It signaled a day of rest, the day that a special meal was prepared, the day in which we elevated ourselves to the image of God, and pulled ourselves temporarily out of the whirlwind of the mundane work week.

Whatever your religious beliefs, the tradition of setting aside a special day in which you reflect, rest, gather round the family table , and put on your “Sunday best”, will re-charge your sprits like nothing else can.   If you have not tried this in a while, you can start with TODAY.  Or declare a Saturday or Sunday best day, once a week, every week.  Weekends should be about more than exhausting yourself with chores. Let one of those days be a day that you dedicate to personal elegance, dignity, and spirituality. Put on your best clothes, hold your head high, and give thanks for the blessings that ALWAYS sprout up between the hardships.

How do YOU feel when you put on your Sunday best? Do comment below!


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