Turn Personal Resources into Debt-Reduction, Italian-Style

Courtesy: Telegraph.co.uk

San Stefano prison. Photo Courtesy: telegraph.co.uk

No one feels good about debt, yet in these tough economic times many are struggling just to pay the bills, as their credit card begins to smoke from overuse. I have a friend who is out of a job and uses a decision cube to tell him what he should do about trying to make some money to keep himself afloat. I can’t imagine wanting to place one’s trust in a commercial gimmick rather than looking to ONESELF for the solution to paying off bills.

In the throes of one of its most severe economic crises Italy has once again has demonstrated its resourcefulness in times of difficulty.  A recent article in the UK Telegraph reports that unused castles, prisons, fortresses, and islands will now be leased and converted into luxury hotels to boost Italian tourism and pay down her national debt. Brilliant. These sacred architectural treasures will now be put to practical use as a way to rise up from hardship. And why not? Internal resources do us little good if they can’t be utilized when needed.

Let’s face it. Many individuals are hurting economically.  Lost jobs, home foreclosures, piling-up bills, and growing credit card debt.  It is all too easy to throw our hands up in the air and give up. We often need reminding that the most powerful way to go from victim-ry to victory is to dig deeply into our personal resources and put them to work to overcome obstacles. The problem is, panic often sets in when crisis hits. We begin to doubt our ability to make it through, and our self-esteem gets so low that we think of ourselves as a looser instead of a potential solution. The fact is, however, that each of us has a talent or two that can be monetized and allow for some extra cash to put towards debt. You may know how to knit beautiful scarves, design graphics on the Internet; teach classes about what you are passionate about. You may have a gift for writing and can turn that into consulting work for larger corporations. Perhaps you love to sing and a local restaurant happens to be looking for a Thursday night singer. There are so many things you can do to supplement your current income if you can stop the self-defeating thoughts long enough to reconnect with your abilities and creativity.

You also have the gift of a great mind with which to draw up a new plan, a brain that allows you to problem- solve and brainstorm solutions; the ability to make choices that bring you in the direction of your dreams; the courage to ask for what we need and want; and the capacity to shape the quality of your life with your very own behaviors—what you do, where you go,   how you take care of yourself, and who you hang out with.

So when hit with an economic crisis, just be still a moment, and gather your thoughts. Use your skills and talents to design your own life and help you pay down debt.  Use your amazing skills and talents to foster your own well-being and the peace of mind that comes from being debt-free.


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